Who are we?

Let me give you all a number to think about for a minute, that number is 22.  Keep that number in mind and I will come back to it in a couple of minutes.

I do not know if you all realize it or not but when these men and women, our brothers and sisters come from deployments, they never fully come home.  No matter how strong they are mentally and physically, we all leave a piece of ourselves on the battlefield. A lot of us are forever haunted by the demons that the battlefield left us scarred with. Now back to that number 22… 22 veterans a day take their own lives when those demons get too strong.  22 veterans a day…think about that for a minute, that is over 8000 American Veterans per year.  

Sometimes all we need is someone to talk to that truly understands what demons we are dealing with.  What better person for that is another veteran that is willing to stand there and fight those demons? 

My brother-in-law and I, are Army vets and we started doing a jeep ride at least once a year for 4 or 5 days.  We turn the phones off, turn the radio up and just disconnect from the outside world and just ride.  We spend that time talking and just doing kind of a mental reset. We figured that if that mental reset works for us, why could not it do the same for other veterans? 

 And this is where Operation: Tears of the 22 was conceived.  We want to bring awareness and prevention of veteran suicide. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the number of veterans who die at their own hands.


We get veterans together so that they are able to reset.

Our Sponsors

We can’t do this all by ourselves so we need help from others. And these are the fine folks that have helped so far.