This event was a great success. Old Friends reunited with each other and new friends we’re made. It was a great time to be together. Take a look at some of the pictures from this event.

Every day of our event we ask all of our brother’s and sister’s to come up and hold a formation. We not only honor our Veterans but the country that we love.

We always like to add new games and ideas that are fun for not only the veterans but families as well. One of the newest games we had was tricycle races and that was a hit with everyone young and old.

One of our missions is to make sure that everyone has a great time. It was great to see veterans from different branches hanging out and having some laughs and relaxing.

Our goal is not only to reach out to our veterans, but their families as well. We know that the family served as well as the veteran. We offer life coaching as a lifeline if needed. Our life coach is a navy veteran themselves, so we always have some type of connection.

Veterans are commonly misunderstood. We were trained to do what we needed to do. No one deprogrammed us when we got out. A lot of us rely on ourselves to find the right way to live and we miss that brotherhood we had when we served. Operation Tears of the 22 wasn’t only formed to bring awareness and prevention to veteran suicide, it also tries to bring that brotherhood back together; that one thing we all miss. The glue (so to speak) that helps us live one more day. This is why our events are so important.

Our event was filled with laughter, comradery, and music. We had karaoke and live music. We have made some great friends. The Christian Motorcycle Association come out and setup a spot and offer free coffee and water and a friendly ear.

Even though we have a lot of fun and games at our events. Seeing our brother’s and sister’s just sitting and talking about their experiences is always a blessing. When we see this we know we’re doing something right and it helps us to continue the fight of dropping that number of 22 a day.

Veteran suicide not only affects the veteran and their family, it affects other veterans as well. We all served, no matter what we did or what branch we served in. We had one common goal, to keep everyone safe, happy, and free. That is why we are doing everything we can to help our brother’s and sister’s keep going one day at a time.

Our goal is that one day this fight will end, we know it’s a lifelong commitment and are prepared to keep fighting for the men and women who fought for us.