This was an idea in January 2021, 3 years before Bubba called me up and said he needed to get away, that he “was having some issues”. I tried to press him but he would talk about it. I asked him when we was doing it and I got the time off.

We took 4 days, shut our cell phones off, just hung out, talked, didn’t talk, and reset ourselves. The next year we brought along a friend (another veteran) and it helped him.

This is how we came to Operation: Tears of the 22: Off the Hardball. We realized that we could help each other fight the demons and continue to maintain some sort of normalcy in civilian life. We lose 22 of our brothers and sisters every day to suicide and our goal is to reduce that number.

This first event, was more of a success than any of us imagined. Take a look at some of the pictures below.

Setup the night before the start
Our Check In Booth
Stu’s Clean Cookin’ donated their services for our Veterans

This was just a few things that went on during the day, next came the evening festivities.

Our evening formation and National Anthem

We even had live music all three nights.

All in all this was an amazing event. We were only expecting maybe 40 people and over 4 times that showed up. This is pushed us even harder to expand and grow this organization beyond it’s wildest dreams.